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Default Re: NEW NINO NOVA (several Centurian) and Guardians

Originally Posted by stingerman View Post
I'm not attacking, lol. At least I don't mean to.

I'm not saying to support Rider, just because he is Rider, but supporting NINO is obviously throwing more dirt on his grave. Marvel themselves said NINO is a replacement.

They count on zombies to buy it.

Personally, I would rather have no Nova than a crappy Nova.

Same for Quasar or any other character.

And no, I wouldn't buy Quasar or Rider if the current team or Loeb or Bendis was writing it.
I had toyed with the idea of NINO cropping up in Nova619 just to further wind up Timelord...but for the record that's a late April Fool's joke, even I'm not that diabolical. But I think its hard to find writers that are truly passionate about any characters these days - esp at Marvel. Exceptions maybe Mark Waid on Daredevil or Hickman on the Avengers. I'd be happy to see Abnett back on Nova or GOTG going solo -

Speaking of Andy Lanning, I got the latest issue of the UK SCI-FI Now magazine (April)...there's a nice article for GOTG film with over his views of the film and how it captures the essence of his run with Abnett on the comic. Quote "They have really nailed the tone and feel of the comic book we did, seeing Rocket and Groot in action will never fail to make me whimper with joy!" Later in the same article he goes on about Nova, specifically Rich Rider who he'd love to see make it onto the big screen:

"Having one film based on your work is a one in a lifetime happening, having two would probably have me dancing like Snoopy on crack!"
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