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I understand your explanation of why big-name creators are more likely to work on big-name books, but isn't Guardians Of The Galaxy a good counterargument? That wasn't an A-list title, but Marvel clearly wanted it to be (presumably because of the movie), & I'm sure Bendis's involvement was partially an attempt to bump Guardians up to the big leagues. And it worked pretty well! Why not do that more often, using big-name creators to boost interest in B-list creators (and hope that interest lasts)?

You’re acting a little bit as though this happened in a vacuum.

Taking absolutely nothing away from Brian and Steve and Sara and everybody who worked on the series, the other big draw for GUARDIANS was that there was a movie on the horizon, one that was beginning to be promoted. That created interest in the property regardless of who was working on it. So in tandem, this all led to a top-selling series—but while you could manufacture some of it potentially with another property (assuming that you could convince creators like Brian or Steve or Sara to work on it), you wouldn’t have the driving interest in the film to help bring people to the series.

TL's reaction:
Did Tommy Boy just admit what we've been saying all along?!!! He appears to be disagreeing with the Bendis-zombies who claim Bendis made GotGINO a high seller. He's admitting that it was the MOVIE and NOT BENDIS that keeps GotGINO selling. A rare piece of honesty coming from Tommy Boy for a change. Pretty much means that they could've left DnA writing it and it would've become a high seller. And probably if they'd brought Nova Volume IV back from hiatus with DnA writing it and doing crossovers with their version of GotG - Nova would've become a high seller. Of course, Brevoort will never come right out and say he and Alonso handled the cosmic reboot all wrong - but his answer above is as close as possible to admitting that too as it logically follows.
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